Leading Organizational Change and Innovation

Program Management

We are experts in program management tools and processes. Our experience in program planning and execution has been demonstrated on a variety of strategic change initiatives. Leading global projects for many top-tier financial services firms has resulted in Trans-Form being recognized for program management excellence.

Global Sourcing

Navigating the global labor market involves evaluating current conditions and how dynamic changes in supply and demand impact the international talent pool. We have practical experience in running on-shoring and off-shoring projects. Our global deployment capabilities include:

  • Location assessment
  • Business case development
  • Near/Off-Shoring strategy and execution
  • Governance
  • Transition management

Trans-Form has supported global and regional efforts in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), and IT Outsourcing for Financial Services, Banking, and Insurance. Our clients have utilized Trans-Form in advisory, execution, and transition management roles in a variety of outsourcing initiatives.

Team Effectiveness

Agility plays a central role in team effectiveness and organization effectiveness. We work with firms that are replacing traditional structural hierarchies with networks of teams empowered to act in flatter organizations. We understand how effective teams tackle problems, collaborate across functions and optimize their resources to deal with the pace of change. Our experience runs deep in working with Teams and Team Leaders to drive performance improvement.

Talent Management

Trans-Form consultants have been thought leaders in the talent management arena for many years. We have implemented many programs to source, attract, retain, and engage top talent. It’s a new game with new rules. Today a new set of digital business and working skills are required. We work with organizations to better understand the talent management cycle and implement new tools that improve the employee experience, engagement levels and ultimately their performance. Our experience spans the entire talent management model from leadership development to workforce planning with all sizes of organizations.

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

In the digital age the pace of change has gone into hyperspeed. Too often organizations get in their own way with attempts to innovate. We know how to use Lean Six Sigma tools to simplify process improvement opportunities. Cross-functional collaboration, continuous learning cycles and clear decision pathways can enable and accelerate process improvement at all levels. Examples of our work with clients:

  • Organization resource rebalancing/Expense reduction
  • Process reengineering of Investment Banking Operations
  • Implementing a Lean Six Sigma internal training program to certify operational experts
  • Redesign of the talent acquisition process to incorporate smart technology into the recruiting and onboarding process