We work with high performing, high potential individuals who embrace change as a means to improve their performance and enhance their personal well-being. Our Coaching philosophy drives breakthrough change by enabling clients to achieve greater self-awareness, a balance with individual values and a commitment to action.

What Is Coaching?

“Coaching borrows from both Consulting and Therapy”
   Coutu, D; Kauffman, C. (2009, January). Harvard Business Review


Do You Need A Coach?

Are you someone who:

  • Needs help assimilating into a new role/team/organization
  • Is formulating a perspective on the next chapter of your life
  • Is stressed-out, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied with your current role
  • Has the responsibility of growing and retaining top talent for your organization

What could you gain from the Coaching Experience:

  • Confidence
  • Greater ability to lead with integrity and respond to challenges
  • Enhanced self-awareness and awareness of how you are perceived by others
  • Improved communication skills
  • Insight into the balance between what you value and what you do
  • An action plan with joint accountability to achieve your goal

Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths

Coaching Testimonials:

  • “David’s insights were 'fresh' and invaluable. He truly partners with you by extracting the knowledge you have and then enables you to find the answers you are looking for within yourself. He does not just dispense 'boilerplate' advice but takes you through the thought process and logic. His insights and coaching impacts me every day and I proactively think about how I own my career development and how I can effectively get things done. I would recommend David to anyone that values their career and is looking to take it to the next level.”
               - Senior Director, Fannie Mae

  • “Thanks to your insight and guidance I was able to secure a position that aligns my key values with an exciting new role. I am excited about the business model, the people, the brands and the location in Sarasota FL. Thanks Coach!”
               - President, Wellspring Pharmaceuticals

  • “David effectively challenged me to develop a personal career strategy. He did this by helping me focus on the root cause of my challenges rather than the symptoms.”
               - Information Security Officer, Capital One

  • “As a busy, professional, mother of four, it was difficult to find time for deep reflection. Working with David gave me the opportunity to evaluate the next step in my career and marry up activities I find rewarding with those that pay the bills. His coaching style made me feel comfortable and not judged and thus allowed me to share deeper, more honest thoughts which I had not previously surfaced. David helped me navigate to the next step in my career.”
               - COO, CSW Solutions

  • “After working 25 years in the financial services industry, I was ready to make a significant career change. Working with David I was able to gain a better understanding of my strengths and how to leverage those strengths in my next career. He helped me explore different career options and worked with me to create a plan to make it happen. David worked closely with me and gave me the confidence and tools to start the process. He has been an excellent career coach and I am glad I took the steps to work with David.”
               - Entrepreneur

  • “Mike did exceptional work with me and my team to understand our strengths and build the self-awareness we need to enhance our individual performance and team effectiveness. We believe we are well positioned to knock the ball out of the park this year!”
               - Managing Director, Private Equity

  • “We depended on Mike ‘the Swiss army knife’ of consultants to advise us and coach our management team through a difficult and complex organization change. He proved his resourcefulness and effectiveness through a challenging organization transition that required all his skills and experience.”
               - Managing Director, Site Manager