What Is Coaching?

“Coaching borrows from both Consulting and Therapy”
   Coutu, D; Kauffman, C. (2009, January). Harvard Business Review


Do You Need A Coach?

Are you someone who:

  • Needs help assimilating into a new role/team/organization
  • Is formulating a perspective on the next chapter of your life
  • Is stressed-out, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied with your current role
  • Has the responsibility of growing and retaining top talent for your organization

What could you gain from the Coaching Experience:

  • Confidence
  • Greater ability to lead with integrity and respond to challenges
  • Enhanced self-awareness and awareness of how you are perceived by others
  • Improved communication skills
  • Insight into the balance between what you value and what you do
  • An action plan with joint accountability to achieve your goal

Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths


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